About Us

GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE is a digital arts and (multi)media company bringing dynamic online presence, digital, and hybrid digital-original music, visual streetArt and fine arts reproduction excellence and a commitment to advancing the work of elite established, independent and emerging ethno-indigenous (native) artists from global communities. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE is directly affiliated with its non-profit sister organization and Urban Outreach whose primary commitment is to musicians and artists from marginalized communities and urban-culture from inner cities. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE has launched offerings in leading edge (multi)media and digital prints on various substrates including metal, terra cotta tile, canvas, acrylic and wood. The galleries of artworks seen in www.guildworksdexgnhyve.global are created by artists from/for target (and extended, larger) communities and from world-class, high-value established artists also supporting GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE’s ethics-based conscious consumer business.

GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE focuses on and appeals to our world’s “wired” generation(s) demanding online solutions, immediacy, speed, innovation and a sense of social responsibility. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE’s focus on “conscience driven commerce” (socially conscious consumers), includes working relationships with established artists and their organizations, a growing global cachet with scores of artists and designers in marginalized and/or often underserved or undiscovered communities. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE provides artists exposure and support – giving global viewers and consumers unique access to some of the world’s most exciting and cutting edge artists from the urban inner-city to SoHo studios.

Using new, hybrid proprietary and open-source technologies, deXgnHYVE builds on innovations to bring unique curation, fabrication and production of original and repro-visual design in art, music and videography (housed in sets of galleries) forming boutique, lifestyle mood-experiences for viewers to move through online. Commercial and individual or personal consumers are encouraged to purchase from these galleries. For commercial business consumers the need is imperative for an integrated cross-cultural market—distinguished as authentically unique to its market niche(s), and a digital fair-trade marketplace for ethics-based, spiritually and socially-conscious business; the small cyber-café of the 80’s and free wi-fi of the 90’s, is combined in GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE’s 24/7 global commerce in our Plaza Picqxel.


We are in process of partnering with key businesses, organizations and institutions – providing them the means to offer spiritually/socially and ethically conscious services & products to their burgeoning consumer markets. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE’s corporate and small business licensing programs, as well as online souqexchange and gallery of globally crowd-sourced images provides smart, profitable means to meet, and capture immediate consumer/customer needs and desires to share, capture and gift our experiences. Corporations are more aware than ever before of the ethical reputation of their brands. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVEE provides a profitable customer service and a passionate customer experience—immediately and lastingly enhancing market position for corporate brands, non-profit or other organizations, and all levels of business clients and partners.

GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE aggregates music, design and digital arts-media as unique, socialGood enterprise. We custom print and produce hybrid original + repro print-editions, offering unique custom mounting: creating & cultivating; producing & selling; manufacturing & shipping worldwide art affordably. Build & partner with us in the world through our GlobalCitizen galleries. Visit us at about.me/GUILDWORKS; follow us @guildworks & @guildworks.global – social & spiritual ambassadors of Cultural Diplomacy. GUILDWORKS.global and GUILDWORKSdeXgnHYVE.global companies strive to serve, strengthen and embrace our interconnected human communities.


Highly specialized custom printing services and innovative mounting, as well as traditional and contemporary arts media services and products include our print printers, retouchers and filmographers GLOSS + GRIFFIN LLC working directly with us to execute our creative and technical, with decades of professional, warmly accessible, considered experience given to each client as desired. We’ve expanded our business communities in New York from doing business well, to doing socially & spiritually good business worldwide with global sensibilities, ethical and humanitarian vision. We welcome you in joining us, as we keep it .