Many factors cohere to shape the optimal decision for a mounting position/configuration. GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE’s custom mounting services and products uniquely support beautiful work. Critically analyzing the architecture of these services & products, usually requires clients assessing how they want custom framing and mounting to interact with artwork; i.e., to function in the background unseen, or alternatively as a visible and interactive pairing of elements to the work itself — palette, substrate, luminosity, density, etc… Consider Palette and Color-Depth, Shape, Texture, Reflectivity, and the relationship of these to the content and form(s) in/of your piece. Are you desiring neutrality, tension or quiet? What voice or amplification of the cadences and timbre of the art, what textures do you want to raise in its resonance, or tone by color depth?

The positioning of GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE’s unique mounts is absolutely critical, we’ve provided ‘tabula train-graffitis’ (a template of mount positioning) to assist your choices, and we urge you to study the color and shapes of the pieces, and how they relate to the work you’ll be mounting.

It’s hard to imagine the physically stunning beauty of these beauties, outside their simply being in your cool-palmed hands. But when you receive yours, you’ll know exactly what we mean. And you’ll want more. Lots more. To bring to your own works, to gift to others, to experiment with and to innovate on your own, for unparalleled, rare dimensionality in your art through multi-sensory, combinative mounting techniques. Because there’s nothing coming of age like this, well…since the Bronze Age. Almost.


center mount


vertical on-center 2 mounts


horizontal on-center 2 mounts


triangle bottom point
custom order only )


triangle top point
custom order only )


per corner mount